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The Good Samaritan Society, a Lutheran Social Service Organization, is a not-for-profit, registered charity with over 65 years of experience providing specialized health and community care services in innovative and caring environments.

Corporate Office

8861 75 Street, Edmonton, AB



Awards of Distinction

Criteria and Guidelines

Awards Are Open to All Good Samaritan Employees.

Employee Award Categories

Each award is open to one employee across Good Samaritan.

Mission Award

The mission award recognizes an employee that best exemplifies extending Christian hospitality in a meaningful and creative way. They embody the organizations mission statement.


This employee:

  • Demonstrates Christian values in actions and decision-making
  • Demonstrates integration of Good Samaritans identity as a faith based, not-for-profit care organization in their actions and decision making
  • Advocates for vulnerable and diverse populations
  • Fosters an inclusive approach to team and community

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Vision Award

The vision award recognizes an employee who continually supports our vision of being and belonging – every person, every home.


This employee:

  • Fosters relationships between residents and their family, friends, community and other employees.
  • Promotes inclusion and collaboration.
  • Promotes environments that support meaningful experiences.
  • Promotes safe and security environments.
  • Nurtures the spirit, health and wellbeing of others.

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Excellence Award

The excellence award recognizes an employee who consistently exceeds expectations by delivering outstanding experiences to those they serve. Through their innovative approach to service, they not only meet needs but also anticipate them, leaving a lasting impact on recipients. Whether through groundbreaking solutions, creative problem-solving, or pioneering methods, recipients of this award exemplify a commitment to going above and beyond in their dedication to exceptional service.


This employee:

  • Demonstrates a track record of developing and implementing innovative solutions that enhance the quality of service delivery.
  • Showcases creativity and originality in their approach to problem-solving and service delivery, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to overcome challenges and meet diverse needs.
  • demonstrates adaptability and flexibility in responding to changing needs and circumstances, adjusting their approach as necessary to ensure continued excellence in service delivery
  • Collaborates effectively with colleagues and stakeholders to develop and implement innovative solutions, leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise to achieve shared goals.

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Healthy Relationships Award

The healthy relationships award recognizes an employee that works in supportive partnerships and opens their heart to others by affirming their goodness and potential. They make it a priority to develop and foster every relationship they are a part of.


This employee:

  • Shows respect to others
  • Is eager to partner in shared responsibilities
  • Communicates openly and sincerely
  • Shows compassion to all
  • Upholds dignity and encourages the growth of everyone around them
  • Makes those around them feel truly part of the Good Samaritan family
  • Actively promotes the work of Good Samaritan

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Inclusion Award

The inclusion award recognizes an employee that fosters an organizational culture that accepts and nurtures the individuality of others and represents all people within our communities. Through their actions, they inspire others to embrace equity, diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation and actively contribute to building a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging and acceptance.


This employee:

  • Fosters environments that are inclusive, comfortable, and welcoming for all.
  • Role models expectations and behaviours in embracing equity, diversity, inclusion, and Reconciliation.
  • Promotes fairness and justice by addressing systemic barriers and, providing resources and support based on individual needs.
  • Embraces our opportunity and responsibility to move in the path of reconciliation.

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Servant Leadership Award

The servant leadership category recognizes an employee who continually demonstrate the core values of the Good Samaritan through exemplary servant leadership qualities. They lead through the giving of themselves in service to others, by acting with courage in a trustworthy and ethical manner.

Servant Leaders are

  • Accountable for all their actions
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Are good stewards of resources
  • Demonstrate fairness.


This employee:

  • Leads by example and inspires leadership though action and results.
  • Demonstrates accountability for their actions and decisions.
  • Leads by managing resources in the most efficient manner and devises plans that reflect the current and future needs of those they serve.
  • Knows the resources they have been entrusted with and works towards improving services with these resources.
  • Excels in open and honest communication with others.
  • Believes in continuous learning and assisting in the growth of others.

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Team Award Categories

  • Each award is open to one team across Good Samaritan.
  • Administrative and operational teams, including interdisciplinary teams, are eligible.
  • A team must consist of a minimum of 3 people.

Resident/Client Experience Award

The resident/client experience award recognizes a team that has implemented a change or made an improvement to how residents/clients and their families experience healthcare services. This team continually prioritizes all aspects of person centered healthcare service delivery to stay focused on those that we serve.  Demonstrable improvements in or positive impact on culture, quality, safety and/or financial indicators will be used to determine the recipient of this award.

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Quality Improvement Award

The quality improvement award recognizes a team that has demonstrated a relentless focus on driving forward quality improvement.  . This team is a strong advocate of quality improvement: leading, influencing, motivating and engaging others in improvement efforts with an unwavering focus on improving outcomes for resident/clients. This team has implemented a quality improvement initiative(s) focused on a single issue resulting in a measurable, positive impact within Good Samaritan.

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