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The Good Samaritan Society, a Lutheran Social Service Organization, is a not-for-profit, registered charity with over 65 years of experience providing specialized health and community care services in innovative and caring environments.

Corporate Office

8861 75 Street, Edmonton, AB



Seniors’ Clinic

Good Samaritan Seniors’ Clinic

The Seniors’ Clinic provides both primary care and consultative services to the vulnerable, community senior population with complex medical, functional and/or psychosocial needs.

Primary care consists of a Seniors’ Clinic physician becoming the patient’s primary care provider.

In consultative services, a geriatric assessment is completed and recommendations provided back to the primary care provider.

Our Team

Our team consists of a variety of health care professionals that use a multi-disciplinary approach to address the needs of our clients. We offer specialized seniors care with the goal of supporting seniors to remain at home, in their community, for as long as possible.

How The Clinic Works

Patient Information Sheet

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Our Appointments Allow For:

  • A comprehensive assessment of healthcare needs
  • Sufficient time to discuss concerns, provide education and support
  • Development of a client-centered plan focused on improving overall health and well-being
  • A coordinated approach to the delivery of care
  • An opportunity to facilitate linkages to community programs and services

When Is The Clinic Open?

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed 12 p.m. to 1 p.m). After-hour physician phone support is available for urgent care issues.

Who Can Come to the Clinic?

Seniors with complex care needs residing in Edmonton and surrounding area.

Becoming a Clinic Patient

Anyone including patients, families, caregivers and health care professionals can submit our referral form to apply to be a patient at the clinic. Please complete the referral form and submit it to the clinic by fax 780-469-6495 or email seniorsclinic@gss.org.

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Bring Joy to those in Care

As a charity, The Good Samaritan Society raises funds to provide loving care and quality service to honour the diverse population we serve. Donations to our charity allow us to enhance the programs and services we offer to more than 6000 people.

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