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Hitting the Right Notes with Music Therapy

By Crystal De Jong, Site and Clinical Services Manager, Good Samaritan Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre

Nadine Veroba-Dagg, MTA is a Certified Music Therapist who comes into work at Dr. Gerald Zetter Centre. Music Therapy is the clinical use of music by a certified music therapist to promote the health and wellbeing of an individual. The music therapy program at the Zetter Centre has been running for over two years. Nadine works closely with the Recreation Team to identify residents who will benefit most from the extra support that music therapy provides. Residents who are considered higher priority for music therapy include those who are isolated, who are experiencing higher depression or anxiety, who are having difficulty transitioning to the long-term care environment, have higher amounts of pain, or those who have a strong history of music in their lives. After assessing each resident referred, either individual sessions or small group sessions are provided depending on the goals and needs of each person.

During a music therapy session, Nadine works to develop a therapeutic relationship with each person by offering a connection through music. Interventions may include; singing, playing a small handheld instrument, discussion around music and memories, song-writing, music for relaxation, or receptive engagement with the music. Every music therapy session is unique as it is guided by the responses and needs of the individual. The space is held for whatever the person needs from the music that day.

Feedback from the program has been very positive from staff, families and residents. One of the participants in the music therapy program has said many times, “This is the best thing of my week.”


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