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Good Samaritan Remembers: Peter


November 5-11, 2022 is Veteran’s Week in Canada. In order to honour those who have served, Good Samaritan will be sharing our residents’ stories and experiences serving Canada during the wars as members of the Armed Forces and beyond. Read Peter Janzen’s story below:


As World War 2 approached, Peter Janzen’s father told him “don’t go to war to kill somebody.” Eventually, however, Peter received a letter from the Canadian Government stating he would join the war or be placed in jail.

So, Peter went to the Air Force and asked if there were any jobs to be had where he did not have to kill someone. He was informed that his wishes could not be accommodated.

Peter then went to the Navy with the same request. He was able to get a position on a Training Ship based out of Nova Scotia, where he was put in charge of Food & Rum. For the next three years, Peter worked with the Navy, feeding the crew that would go on to become officers and all the while, he was able to keep his promise to his father.


Peter Janzen is a resident at Good Samaritan Mountainview Village. Next year, he will be turning 100 years old.