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Initiative to Curb Anti-psychotic Medication Use is Making a Difference for Residents and their Families at The Good Samaritan Society

The following testimonial is from Lisa, whose mother is a resident at The Good Samaritan Society Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre:

“My mother Anne is 81 years old and is living with middle to late stage dementia. In the span of three months, she went from full independent living to her current state.  She was admitted through Emergency in May 2015 after some risky, unsafe behaviors and a serious fall. Upon her admittance into Emergency, she was immediately placed on anti-psychotics for her extreme hallucinations and difficult behavior associated with “sun-downing.” My mother was in acute care for a month and remained on the anti-psychotics for this time. During this time, her behavior was erratic, confusing, the hallucinations were unrelenting and when she wasn’t in a state of high agitation she was lethargic and somewhat comatose.

My mother was discharged to a long term care home, and they continued with the use of these drugs as per the orders she was discharged with. Within a few weeks of her placement, I requested as her representative that we discontinue the use of the anti-psychotics in the care and management of my mother. The change was almost immediate and dramatic. She became less confused, agitated, and had less frightening hallucinations and she became more alert and even had periods of lucidity.

My mother was then transferred to my placement of choice at Good Samaritan Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre,  and the changes that came with the move were quite traumatic for her.  There was an incident of severe hallucinations and paranoia, and in conjunction with the resident physician, we decided to try a second course of anti-psychotics. Immediately I could see that this decision was having a negative impact on her and I requested that the treatment be stopped.

I am very fortunate in having my mother at Good Samaritan Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre.  The treatment order was rescinded immediately, and the staff and management worked together with me and my mother to find alternate management protocols that made the transition to her new home much more positive. She has been living in this care home for almost a year now, and I appreciate their “person centered”  care policy and their initiative to discontinue the use of anti-psychotics. Although she is in long term care, I feel that her quality of life is improved greatly by this.”