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The Good Samaritan Society, a Lutheran Social Service Organization, is a not-for-profit, registered charity with over 65 years of experience providing specialized health and community care services in innovative and caring environments.

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8861 75 Street, Edmonton, AB



Strategic Directions and Goals

2014-2019 Strategic Directions and Goals

Guided by the Mission, Vision and Values, the renewed Strategic Plan looks into the future and outlines our strategic directions and goals for the next five years. The Plan will be reviewed annually to ensure it reflects our changing context, service demands and needs, and to continue to ensure alignment with opportunities and expectations facing The Good Samaritan Society and Good Samaritan Canada. The Strategic Plan guides the organization and supports its evolution as our aging population and our clients with developmental disabilities change and grow.

1. Provide quality care, quality accommodations and safety across our continuum of programs

  • Develop and implement a quality framework for the organization that facilitates reporting of information to understand strengths and opportunities for improving quality care, quality accommodations and safety across our continuum of programs
  • Increase client satisfaction and quality of life
  • Reduce the incidence of adverse events
  • Improve end of life care routines
  • Increase volunteerism in alignment and support of quality care and quality accommodations

2. Attract and retain staff who are aligned and engaged

  • Maximize staff resources and talents
  • Promote a safe work environment
  • Develop and require safe work practices
  • Enhance leadership capacity at all levels of the organization
  • Embrace workplace diversity

3. Ensure diligent stewardship of our resources

  • Balance service levels, and client/family expectations, with available resources
  • Improve the quantity of face to face time for client care and resident support
  • Increase cash reserves to sustain the capital infrastructure
  • Use a business case model to begin and manage work
  • Develop a comprehensive accountability framework
  • Remain flexible, and able to adapt and respond to changes
  • Invest in technology to manage our business

4. Advocate for and provide quality faith-based services

  • Strengthen relationships among the organization, its members, church bodies and communities in which it serves
  • Demonstrate the value of quality faith-based services to industry and community
  • Increase pastoral care at care homes through increased engagement of volunteers

5. Increase capacity for innovation, research and evaluation

  • Develop a set of holistic indicators – including financial and service delivery, to inform planning, delivery and reporting; so that the need for change, adaptation and termination of programs and services is understood and enabled
  • Use a set of holistic indicators to identify opportunities for continued improvement
  • Increase accountability and oversight to ensure quality care, quality accommodations and finding economies of scale
  • Align programs and services delivered with funding provided
  • Reduce reliance on government funding
  • Explore innovative funding opportunities

6. Initiate a new era of organizational growth and diversification to serve our mission

  • Work with stakeholders to identify opportunities for growth – remaining flexible in our model and able to adapt to emerging needs
  • Work with partners as appropriate
  • Engage with funders to develop a sustainable funding model to enhance our quality care and quality accommodations
  • Be supportive of continued growth in complex/continuing care, assisted/supportive living and other specialized health and community care services
  • Establish a reputation as leaders in industry

Bring Joy to those in Care

As a charity, The Good Samaritan Society raises funds to provide loving care and quality service to honour the diverse population we serve. Donations to our charity allow us to enhance the programs and services we offer to more than 6000 people.

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